We have been formulating a collection of bespoke treatments that will leave your hair feeling its very best, and you feeling like you’ve had a mini spa break.

Our Rituals will treat the key issues that most of us experience with our hair, all those things that leave us feeling just a bit flat about our locks.

We will assess your needs and apply the right treatment to bring out the best in your hair, all in our luxury hair wash area. You will receive a relaxing head massage and a hot towel as standard, we don’t do anything by halves here! Naturally just let us know if this part of the treatment is not for you.

Ritual Two - Strength & Shine

This Ritual begins with Amino Acids‭, ‬repairing and reinforcing your hairs natural bonds which can be broken by colour‭, ‬lighteners‭, ‬heat and styling tools‭.‬

Your stylist will then apply a sealer‭, ‬giving you soft‭, ‬shiny hair‭.‬

Please let our front of house team know in advance if you would like to
experience one of our Rituals so that we can add it on to your booking‭.‬
15‭ ‬minutes of bliss for you and rejuvenation for your hair‭ (‬£25‭)‬

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